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Lulu’s: Let’s Write!


I’m heading over to Lulu’s Beehive today to get started on Above World revisions. A bunch of local writers are meeting me there. We’ll eat bagels, drink coffee, gab, and write our little hearts out.

I’ve spent the week recovering from Blue Heaven and trying to incorporate about 15 critiques of the first 50 pages of my novel into something coherent. I’ve got some big changes to implement in the first four chapters. Today, I’m starting at the start: the first sentence of the book. (Deb, since you already conquered this part, send me your excess mojo!)

Are you writing today? Feel free to join us by posting goals and accomplishments. Don’t forget to mention what you’re eating and how many cups of coffee you’re on.

See you at Lulu’s!

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  • 2nd cup of coffee, egg over easy with pepper-jack cheese slice on top, blueberries and banana on the side.

    I always end up rewriting my beginnings about 10 times. On my current 1st draft, I've only rewritten 3 times so far, so another 7 beginning-rewrites to go… but that'll stretch over the next several months :-)

  • Does it have to be coffee? I'm leaning toward wine. Maybe that's because I want to blast through the hallucination scene and get to the sex.

    Wow, that makes my WIP sound so fun, I'm going to get to it!

    • Er, that was me, Jenn, not some anonymous pervert. (Just a pervert you know well.)

  • Curses! I took Jade to see Kung Fu Panda. I was surprised by the movie.

    I'm also trying to figure out how one can make an over easy egg with pepper jack cheese. If you melt the cheese on the egg, it won't be over easy. I think Bruce has found the culinary "one hand clapping – tree falling down in an empty forest – try and rhyme something with orange" conundrum.

    • Heh, I consider my egg over easy if I don't break the yoke while cooking. After that, a pepper jack slice on the egg just as it's removed from the pan for a nice partial melt.

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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