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Since last week, I’ve been to Wiscon and back, gotten the con crud, and resigned from my job. Clearly I owe you some entries. But not today.

Today, if I can stop blowing my nose for more than a minute at a time, I’m heading to Lulu’s Beehive for some writing with my local buddies. We’ve got four confirmed attendees and a few maybes.

Many of us are working on scripts for Script Frenzy. Not me, at least today. I came back from Wiscon jazzed to work on my Mermaid novel and have been spending the last few days feverishly plotting. (Sometimes literally.)

If you feel like joining us at Virtual Lulu’s, let us know what you’re working on and how it’s going. Make sure to have plenty of tasty beverages and snacks nearby. We’ll be there from 1pm to 4pm PDT, but go ahead and get started without us. :)

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