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I’m not planning to repost my Twitter feed on my journal, but I would like a more permanent and searchable record of the Web links that occasionally catch my eye. I hope my Twitter buddies will forgive me for the repeated information.

  • Jinx released some new geeky D&D t-shirts! I can’t get enough of rust monster humor. I think one of my first encounters ever — back when I was 12 and trying to teach myself the rules — was with a rust monster. Ah, sweet, rusty nostalgia!
  • Zooborns posted pictures of an adorable Mongolian horse foal. CUTE! And particularly relevant, since the Above World sequel (that I actually get to write!!!) has both horses and Mongolian horse culture in it! Well, only a little Mongolian culture, but still. Enough to make me squee when I saw these pictures.
  • The Frame posted some absolutely stunning photographs of the opening of the Shanghai World Expo. If you want more, check out Big Picture’s photos of the site before it opened. (Please note: both photo sets contain a picture of a very disturbing, very large artificial baby. You have been warned.)

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