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Jeff + Atari = ROCK!!!


I knew Jeff (my older brother) worked at Sony Playstation, but I didn’t know his title was Director of Marketing until recently. (I asked him which titles he was working on, and he said, “All of them.” Bad sister!) And I knew he just got a new job at Atari, but I didn’t know he would be the frickin’ VP of Marketing there. But search on “Jeff Reese Atari” and there’s page after page about the news:

Atari Inc. Appoints Jeff Reese as Vice President of Marketing

To say that I’m bursting at the seams with pride would be an understatement. Even though the new job means Jeff and his family will be moving to the east coast, I’m beyond happy for him and all the opportunities ahead.

Dude! My brother works for Atari!!! How cool is that?

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Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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