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Japanese Dreams


Japanese Dreams anthologyThe anthology Japanese Dreams is now available! I haven’t seen the official Table of Contents, but I believe it contains my story “Lady Blade.”

I ran a Dungeons & Dragons campaign in college with a friend of mine. I had the characters during their waking hours, and my friend Jim ran the characters when they were asleep. Although we coordinated themes and events, this system gave each of us creative control of our respective worlds — and also the ability to actually play once in a while.

I love world building. I love designing cultures, creating classes and races, developing magic systems, and writing stories and histories for every single magic item. My Tantali sword-singers were based loosely on Japanese samurai, and “Lady Blade” is one of their tales.

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  • Wow, I had completely forgotten about that campaign. I so need to get back into playing D&D. Still, I am fortunate to be able to get to make world for a living. :)

  • Jim! So good to see you here! I had wondered what you were up to. Update yer damn blog, boy! Where are you in CA? I'll be up in San Jose at the end of October and would love to grab coffee or something.

    Thanks, Christine, you sweetie!

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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