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Introducing: My First Newsletter


For the last few years, I’ve struggled to make sense of my online life. How much of my social media posts are professional versus personal, how do I keep multiple websites updated when it’s so easy to click a button and post something to Facebook, that sort of thing.

A few months ago, I disabled comments on my blog because I couldn’t keep up with Twitter, Facebook, the blog, and Livejournal. I ended up creating an official Facebook Page, thinking that would be easier to manage. And… it is. Except that no one sees it. Facebook wants to make money, so most of the time updates from Pages don’t even appear in people’s feeds unless you pay to promote the post. So really, that system didn’t end up working at all.

The Newsletter

Enter my new newsletter! I need a way to get book news to the people who want it without expecting them to come to my blog or personal Facebook page and wade through dozens of updates about video games and my cats. Key facts:

— The newsletter will be sent once a month, roughly. Maybe I’ll skip a month here and there, and maybe I’ll send an extra post during busy times, or if there’s something timely happening, like a contest.

— It will contain news about my books as well as answers to frequently asked questions, fan art, tidbits about my characters and worlds, and whatever else I feel like throwing in. I will try to make each issue interesting. (And if it’s not, “delete” is only one click away.)

— If I get enough subscribers, I might start doing giveaways. Or I might not. But I will definitely be more happy than if I don’t get many subscribers at all.

— You can unsubscribe easily at any time.

Other Changes

Other changes to my online presence (that probably no one cares about besides me):

  • My official Facebook Page is going defunct.
  • My personal Facebook page is still going strong.
  • I will no longer be mirroring posts to LiveJournal.
  • Comments are back open on my blog, where I hope to be posting more often.

Just do it!

Sign up for the newsletter.

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