I was going through last year’s moleskine looking for some plot notes when I came across this little entry written after I’d first gotten some agent interest in ABOVE WORLD. It’s more of a stream-of-conscious thing, written during the first intermission of a Kings hockey game, when Chris was off getting us coffee and pretzels.

What a week! Agent news, news crew at the studio, AGENT!, party prep, screening party, then first hockey game of the season.

I’m going to have an agent. Someone is going to try to sell Above World!

Honestly, I never thought I’d get to this point. Everything seemed so far away, so impossible — something that happens to other people, not to me.

Please, let this not be a dream!!


I am so happy. Please, I hope it’s not just a dream. I hope it’s real!!!

Okay, so yes. The truth is, I’m terrified that it’s all just a hoax.

Not exactly a brilliant look into the human psyche, but at least it’s an honest look. :)

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    1. Alas, no chocolate-covered pretzels at the hockey stadium, but mustard-covered is almost as good!

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