I’m about to head off to a peer-run novel workshop called Blue Heaven. I went back in 2008, when I brought the incredibly clumsy first draft of ABOVE WORLD. Three years later, and I’m bringing the (hopefully less clumsy) first draft of ABOVE WORLD, Book 2.

Things have changed a lot in the last three years. After I attended BH in 2008, I didn’t write for 8 months. I remember being completely consumed by my dayjob at the animation studio. That was my life, and writing was something I squeezed into the interstices. It was over a year before I finally revised the book and started querying agents.

Now, writing is my focus. I work at a part-time job and have a regular freelance gig to pay my bills. These jobs aren’t careers; they have no future. But they leave me with enough energy — and the right kind of energy — to pursue my real passion. After over a decade of writing, I finally consider myself a writer, first and foremost.

In 2008, Blue Heaven gave me the deadline I needed to finish my book. But more important, it introduced me to some amazing writers and incredible people. It reminded me how hard-working my peers are, and how much I want this life for myself.

I wonder what this year’s BH will do.

6 thoughts on “In the Space Between Heavens”

  1. I just realized that the anniversary of the day we both announced our book deals is coming up. April 21, I think? Will have to check my records… But yeah. Change.

  2. Knowing that you didn't write for eight months after BH makes me feel okay about doing the same after SH. And now, I'm back in it.

    And, yes, I have no forgotten my stick.

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