I’ve officially started my next book!

Code named “BB,” it features magic, martial arts, and some scrappy, resourceful kids. I’m very excited about it, and even more excited to be writing something new. Will it be any good? I don’t care. All I care about is writing it. (And having something to turn in for the novel workshop I’m attending this summer.)

I know I’ve really started, because today I forgot to eat after 11am.

This would not be an issue, but I had two classes tonight, both of which involved weapons. When I don’t eat enough, I not only lack energy and stamina, but I lack the ability to concentrate as well.

Now I have a nice goose egg on my knee to remind me to eat. (And if you’ve ever rubbed out a bruise, you know what an effective reminder it can be.)

So to sum up: Yay, new book! Boo, bruise. Yay, weapons class! (And as the Kings are currently crushing their foes in tonight’s hockey game, I’m going to add Yay, Kings! and tempt the fates.)

Another good reminder to eat: mostly incoherent journal entries. Sorry!

3 thoughts on “In the [Book] Zone”

    1. It's a science fiction/fantasy novel workshop called Starry Heaven. (It's related to Blue Heaven, which is a little more well-known.)

      I need to send you an email — I'm dying to hear about your projects!

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