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I made cookies!


I made chocolate chip cookies. Plain ol’ chocolate chippers. And I made them FROM SCRATCH.

Now, to understand how amazing this is, please understand that I had to go out and buy flour, eggs, and chocolate chips to make this happen. I already had sugar (Hello, coffee!) and baking soda (Hello, drain unclogger!). But did you catch that? I didn’t already have flour, because I never use it. So making something from scratch, even just a chocolate chip cookie, is like a Great Life Adventure for me.

And let me tell you, a chocolate chip cookie made from scratch looks about a million times better than a chocolate chip cookie made from dough you buy pre-made at the grocery store. Look at these luscious little objects of beauty:

From Food and Drink

Seriously. They were so beautiful I almost didn’t want to eat them. (Also, I had already eaten my own body weight in raw dough.) But I did eat them, and…


They’re okay. Perhaps my palette has been corrupted by so many years of icky pre-made dough consumption? Or did I bake them just a little too long, assuming they’d stay gooey like the ones packed with chemicals do?

Regardless, I was largely successful at my meager attempt to bake. And for that? I get a cookie.

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