My favorite LA Kings player, Alexander Frolov, is leaving the team. His contract with the Kings expired this year, and he just signed with the NY Rangers. I’ll get to see him play maybe once or twice during the entire season, if I’m lucky.

It’s not surprising news, as Frolov has been in the doghouse with King’s management for a long time now. Personally, I think his “crime” was being an introvert on a team that wanted only extroverts. He’s a quiet player, given to self-deprecating smiles on the ice. He’s also an amazing left winger — clearly top-six forward material — who has been relegated to the third line for last year. I’m telling myself this will be good for his career, but I’m still sad I won’t get to see him play anymore.

(Also, he is wicked cute.)

Sports fandom is still so new for me, and I really don’t like this part.

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