Last summer I planted my very first herb garden (see “Herb Adventure” for all the exciting details). I absolutely loved growing my own herbs. I loved the way they looked on the porch — easily visible from the main room where I spend all my time — and I found myself cooking more often because I wanted to use herbs I’d grown myself.

And then I went away for 10 days during one of the worst heat waves Los Angeles has ever known.

So, welcome to Herb Garden, Season 2, wherein I start over and try not to let everything die this time. Huzzah! Here’s the starting lineup:

Freshly planted herbs on my porch

Not all the plants are visible, but I’ve got thyme, oregano, sage, lavender, dill, rosemary, two kinds of mint, basil, and Thai basil. (Plus a few more things that looked pretty and my nursery was having a sale and DON’T JUDGE ME.)

Later, when I’m feeling ambitious and my novel revisions are done, I’d like to find a plant to crawl up the wall on a trellis, perhaps raspberries, blueberries, tomatoes, or peppers. Hopefully the currently herbs will live to see that day.

1 thought on “Herb Garden, Season 2”

  1. It all looks so green, clean, and tasty!

    I just planted some rosemary, thyme, and sweet basil. Next week, maybe, I’ll plant my microgreens. Eventually, some kind of trellis crawler and tomatoes.

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