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Herb adventure


I have never grown things, unless you count mold in the refrigerator. But I’ve been wanting to try herb gardening on my wee balcony, and today I finally took the plunge. After being completely overwhelmed at a local nursery, I headed over to Armstrong Garden Center (thanks for the rec, Greg!) where I found a woman willing to walk me through the basics. She helped me pick out herbs and pots, told me how to replant them, talked to me about drainage and fertilizer and pest control.

Here, in their repotted glory, are my new herbs:

My new herb garden

(I ran out of soil on the basil. Sorry, basil!)

The bad news is that the pots ended up being too tall for the cheap IKEA gardening shelf I’d acquired, so I will have to find shallower plants for that. I would also like to find an affordable way to raise these herb pots up three or four feet so they help block my view of the street. Suggestions welcome.

So, who wants to guess the plants? I think they’re all pretty obvious except maybe the one on the right.

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