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SarahP has a great post about goals and the power of goal-setting. Like she used to, I set small attainable goals for myself. I try to only set goals which I have the power to accomplish by myself. (I can make writing a novel a goal, but not selling one.)

My writing goals were simple at the beginning:
– Finish a story.
– Finish another story.
– Submit stories.
– Keep stories in circulation.

Then the big one:
– Finish a novel.

I guess if I were to list my probably-attainable goals now, they would be:
– Develop a way of life that gives me better balance so I can write more when I want.
– Write another novel.
– Write another novel after that.
– Finish rewriting my screenplay.
– Write a screenplay by myself.
– Write and illustrate a comic book.
– Write something that inspires fan fiction. (An exception to the “under my control” rule)

And my “dream big” goals?
– Empower girls and women through my fiction.
– Inspire people to try martial arts.
– Earn a living via creative writing.
– Give happiness/escapism/sense of wonder to as many readers as possible.
– Maintain a life of balance and happiness.

Kind of weird goals, aren’t they? Not at all very tactile, except for the earn a living one.

I suspect my answers might be different tomorrow. I’ll keep working on ’em.

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