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Glorious Fall


I went to Tai Chi and weapons last night, despite not being over my sinus thing or my shoulder injury. Emotionally, I just needed to go. I tried to take it easy, and I stopped practicing weapons when my shoulder started to complain.

But not before I had a surprising and unprecedented fall. Which I will now describe.

I was holding one end of my staff in my right hand. The other end of the staff was resting on the ground, making a nice, long right-triangle. I was supposed to hop over the staff, from left to right.

Only… instead of making it all the way over the staff, my first foot landed exactly on top of it. The staff bowed from the weight, then sprang back, flinging me backwards onto my butt. Yes, instead of snapping, my resilient staff Whisper acted like a trampoline.

The move was right out of a sitcom or a Wile E. Coyote cartoon.

I didn’t hurt myself, but it took a minute for me to stop laughing. My Sifu said she’d never seen anything like that before.

Of course, I know why I made this mistake. I wasn’t being fully mindful of my form. A friend was starting parkour and had just arrived, and I was sneaking glances at his class to make sure he was doing okay. After the fall? I didn’t check on him again until after class.

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    • I'll do my best, but I think carrying a video camera around might make me even more susceptible to damage from my own weapons…

    • Thanks so much, Lisa!! I finally got antibiotics and am getting the sinus infection under control. After 3 weeks, it's about time! My shoulder is also continuing to heal. I think it's up to about 70% functionality now. Hopefully I can start exercising it fully within a few weeks. Much better than the 9 months the left shoulder took last time!

      I hope your infection and shoulder are doing better, too!!!

Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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