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Sarah Prineas (of Winterling fame) is doing one of her fabulous giveaways for an ARC (Advance Reader Copy) of Above World!

Even if you don’t want an ARC for yourself, you can give the ARC to teachers, librarians, kids, or classrooms! Every time you spread the word, it helps.

Head on over to Sarah’s blog and comment with a page number. That’s it, just a page number and you’re entered. She’ll respond with a line from that page of the book. If enough people do it, it creates a fun, non-spoiler-y patchwork image of the story.

You don’t need to enter the contest to play the page game, either. The more, the merrier!

And if you’re looking for more chances to win a free copy of Above World, please enter Candlewick’s Goodreads contest. They’re giving away 3 ARCs! If you’ve already got a Goodreads account, entering is as simple as clicking on a button.

Thanks so much, and thanks to the many folks who’ve told me they intend to buy their own copy when it comes out. You guys rock!!

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