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Futurismic Needs You!


As most of you know, Chris is the fiction editor for a fantastic site called Futurismic (which owned and managed by Paul Raven). Their tagline reads: “Near-future science fiction and fact since 2001.” Futurismic’s array of bloggers posts great essays and finds all sorts of fascinating science fictional tidbits for your enjoyment. And, on the first every month, they post a new story.

Except, not this month. Chris explains why they have no new story for December. The upshot? They need more great stories that follow their guidelines. I urge you to go read them for yourself, but these points stand out:


  • Mundane SF
  • Post-cyberpunk SF
  • Satirical/gonzo futurism
  • Realistic near future hard SF


  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Space opera
  • Off-world SF
  • Distant futures
  • Aliens
  • Time Travel
  • Alternate History

So, my brilliant friends, when you’re sitting down to write your next great piece of near-future, Earth-based science fiction, please consider sending it to Futurismic. The magazine pays a cool $200 per story on acceptance, and that’s a nice chunk o’ change in my book.

Futurismic is open to submissions all through the holidays. And, since I can look over Chris’ shoulder at his (incredibly detailed and organized) submission list, it will be very easy to see if my friends have been naughty or nice. ;-)

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