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Four Years


Yesterday marked four years since Chris and I met at WorldCon in Anaheim. Chris took yesterday and today off, and we’ve been enjoying a rare, four-day weekend filled with gaming, food, and each other.

Last night we had dinner at Cafe Carolina, our favorite restaurant. It’s a lovely little family-run authentic Italian place with amazing food. (If you visit, we’ll take you!)

We started with a warm spinach and mushroom salad that has one of the best flavor profiles of anything I’ve ever tasted. I could eat that salad every day for the rest of my life, and still love every bite. For our main courses, Chris opted for the flat iron steak and I went with the seared ahi, a dish I’d never seen on the special menu before. Here’s a pic:

From Food and Drink

Simply the best seared ahi I’ve ever had. The garlic spinach was also delicious. At this point, I’ve tried almost every dessert on the menu, but we both opted for lighter fare: the Affogato al caffe. Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and a shot of espresso to pour over them both. YUM.

To make the evening extra special, I wore a dress for the first time EVER, outside of a wedding/Wiscon/costume situation. It went over pretty well with Chris, so I may have to find opportunities to wear it more than once a year. :)

Me and Chris, looking forward to many more years together:

From 2010 Photobook

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