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Samantha Ling is an amazing friend. Not only did she read and critique an early draft of Above World, she has offered all kinds of support and friendship every step of the way. In fact, I’ve even hidden a mention of her the book itself as a small thank you. Now Sam has done something incredible: she’s created the first-ever fan art* for Above World. Behold!

Fan art by Samantha Ling: Aluna from Above World

When I first saw this picture, my heart overflowed. Besides the cover, it’s the first time I’ve seen someone else’s vision of the book and characters. And it’s a fantastic picture, right? The colors, the composition, the look in Aluna’s eyes, the shark!… Wow. I’m humbled and grateful and entirely overwhelmed. This is going to be my computer wallpaper for a long, long time.

Good friends: even better than mermaids.

* Sam wanted me to mention that her depiction of Aluna was inspired by Strangeling who sells lots of great prints on her website.

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