I opened the door to go get the mail and a small package from Candlewick fell on my foot. I assured Chris that it couldn’t possibly be hardcovers of Above World. Not yet. Not when it was still over a month and a half until my pub date.

But I was wrong.

METALLIC BLUE FOIL! (This must always be written and spoken in ALL CAPS.)

The spine is glorious. It has METALLIC BLUE FOIL, too!

Blurbs from Sarah Prineas and Greg van Eekhout on the back!

Even the hardcover has the seahorse!

A happy and somewhat tear-stricken author.

33 thoughts on “First copies of Above World”

  1. Ya know, the cover’s nice and all, but the pages in between really outshine it. METALLIC BLUE FOIL and all.

    1. I am pretty much in love with my publisher at this point. I would walk off a cliff if they told me to… but only if they promised me pretty books at the bottom.

  2. Oh, wow. I’m getting somewhat teary myself! I am SO proud of you, SO happy for you, and SO excited that the book will be available for sale SOON!!! I’ve got a niece who would LOVE it! And her birthday is in February too…what perfect timing! Hugs honey! Doing the Snoopy dance for you!

  3. Not just a nice holiday surprise, but THE BEST kind.
    How lovely you look with your ‘baby.’ Congrats, Jenn.

  4. The cover looks amazing!!!!!! I cannot wait for the day so I can go get a copy! I’m so thrilled for you and proud of you! Big big hugs!

  5. Hooray!!!! I love it! And I love that when I take the dust jacket off (a necessity when reading around my imps) that I’ll get to see the shiny fancy seahorse on the spine too!

    Happy happy, Jen!

  6. Oh, Jenn, that cover is AMAZING!!! And that’s a gorgeous, truly glorious shade of blue with the METAL BLUE FOIL!!!! Cannot wait to get my very own copy!!! Enjoy your wonderful book birthday a month early!!!! :-)))

  7. I just want to say: I knew it was hardcovers instantly. :)

    They are glorious! Here is an official blog-comment congratulations to accompany in-person hugs!

  8. I love all the pretty pictures of the awesome cover, but I love the one of you holding it most. Thank you for sharing this incredible moment–and an incredible story–with us. You’ve worked hard and I’m so happy for you! My bookshelf needs more METALLIC BLUE FOIL on it and I can’t wait to shove some books over to make room for this :)

  9. What can I say, other than WOOT!! and CONGRATULATIONS!!

    It’s gorgeous and I’m thrilled for you and looking forward to reading this.


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