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Finn Makes Five


After about eight months of discussing the merits of a third cat and deciding it was too much of a risk, we fell in love with a new little boy named Tab Hunter this weekend and brought him home anyway.

What swayed us was a long conversation with his foster daddy, an incredibly knowledgable and caring man who blew me away with his knowledge of cat health and behavior. We knew the kitten had been raised well, was not aggressive, and had all the behavior qualities we were looking for in a new family member. Plus, Kitten Rescue has a fantastic return policy if things just don’t work out. They value good, safe, happy homes over all else, and we do, too.

So please help us welcome Finley (“Finn”) Hunter Reese! He’s about 13 weeks old and loves to play, purr, and follow his new brothers around with wild-eyed joy.

From Finley

We’ve had the Feliway running for a few days, and so far the boys are adjusting well. Cairo hisses and growls (totally normal), but is not aggressive, and Oslo is intensely curious and has already tentatively started to play. So far, so good.

A typical tableau, with Finn at its heart:

From Finley

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