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Finley’s First: Christmas Tree


A child’s first Christmas is a special thing… especially when it involves a tree covered in (what seem to be) dangling cat toys. At eight months old, Finley was eager to help us with every step of tree trimming.

First, he helped me trim the lower branches off our tiny tree by attacking them and tearing them out of my hands as I cut them.

From Finley

Then it was time to untangle the lights. (Kittens are particularly good at skills requiring finesse and patience.)

From Finley

Here he is helping his daddy string lights on the tree. So attentive!

From Finley

Time for cat toys — er, ornaments — the best part! We struggled to put them on faster than Finley could take them off.

From Finley

Helping his dad water the tree by trying to drink the water as it pours.

From Finley

The finished tree! (If you look closely, you’ll see a tiny face to the left of the stockings.)

From Finley

We thought we were all done, but Finley thought otherwise. He decided to get a closer look at the tree… by climbing up the inside!

From Finley

And that’s the last time you’ll ever see the tree looking so nice. Current count: 1 loop of lights ripped off, 1000 pine needles scattered across the floor, 6 ornaments MIA.

Best Christmas ever.

From 2011 Photobook

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  • This is SOOOOOO precious!!!!!! Your tree looks fantastic and I want to see pictures as Finley examines and plays with everything on it!!! The before and AFTER pictures….please.

    Love you all!!!

  • (making unspellable sound conveying the pleasant squeezing of my heart that accompanies wishing I could see it in person, thrilling to witness kitten “help” from a distance, sighing over the cuteness of kitten help, and appreciation of your photos)

    Yep. That’s the sound.

    I especially love photo #2 In Which Our Hero Wiffles the Lights.

  • Finley is too cute! And you’re pretty darn adorable too! Happy holiday — and don’t forget to let us know what Finley makes of wrapping paper balls and tissue paper!

  • Gaaaahhhh! The cuteness. And how appropriate that one of the ornaments is a fish!

    Speaking of cats and ornaments, that lovely dragon ornament you sent me several years ago is completely shredded now. It even has toothmarks in it. BAD kitty!

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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