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Field Roast Experiment


My favorite food during Thanksgiving is the Leftover Sandwich. Traditionally, the sandwich is made by toasting bread, slathering on some mayo, and layering turkey, stuffing, and cranberry-orange relish until you’ve achieved a beautiful, moist, gooey masterpiece. This is sometimes known as The Best Sandwich in the World.

For years now, I’ve been enjoying the turkey aspect less and less, and now I am living completely poultry-free. Enter “Field Roast” (which was recommended to me by the awesome Bruce Cordell).

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What I like about Field Roast, besides the vegan aspect, is that it has a really good weight. I cut off some slices for my sandwich and they were heavy and dense, almost like a meatloaf or an actual roast (from what I remember 20+ years ago). I found the taste yummy. It didn’t seem to be mimicking meat, but creating a whole new flavor. Here’s what the insides look like:

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Field Roast comes fully cooked, but you can heat it up, sear it, or serve it cold. In the spirit of leftovers, I had it au natural and it tasted great. I cut my slices too thick — anticipating a thinner feel to the “roast” — and will go much thinner next time. It’s a substantial protein and I ate way too much in that first sandwich.

I would post a picture of my sandwich — toasted bread, light dusting of mayo, slabs of field roast, and generous portion of cranberry — but the cranberry made it look like a horrifying bloody mess. (For those brave souls who want to see anyway, here’s the link.) I’m saving the stuffing layer for Thursday or Friday. Then, and only then, will my masterpiece be complete.

What’s on your Leftover Sandwich?

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