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Farm Box Experiment: First Week


Last Tuesday, I picked up my first farm box since signing up with Savraw. Here’s what I got:

Picture of wide array of fruits and vegetables.

I’d never cooked with most of these things before. Heck, I didn’t even know what some of them were. But the Internet is pretty great for this sort of thing, and so are my friends. I crowdsourced recipe ideas and ended up learning a ton about food.

Chard: Sautéed with garlic and added chickpeas and raisins.
Kale: Kale chips with nutritional yeast (yes) and blended into a morning smoothie (no).
Arugula: Salad with apples, walnuts, and raisins.
Corn: Boiled, rubbed with lime, salted.
Squash: Sautéed squash with garlic, added tomato, served with goat cheese. (My favorite of the week!)
Tomato: Eaten with balsamic and salt.
Grapes, Apples: eaten raw.
Fennel: Baked with parmesan. (Not a fan of this one.)
Anaheim peppers: Charred, skinned, de-seeded and eaten with goat cheese. (Also probably used on sandwiches.)
Limes: Used with corn and in tonic as a drink. Yum.
Eggs: See my last post.

I’ll be honest: I never would have bought most of these things. But because they arrived, already paid for, I was happy to experiment. I tried them all raw first, just so I’d know. I tried most of them cooked. I didn’t like everything (I’m looking at you, fennel), but I loved the process of discovery.

Tomorrow is not only a new day, it’s a new farm box. Can’t wait!

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