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Family (with Swords)


My definition of “family” contains this rule:

No matter how long you’re away from Family, when you go back, it feels like you never left.

I returned to my martial arts family tonight, after missing almost five full weeks — the longest I’ve ever gone in a row without attending class. I was absolutely terrified to go back. I’m out of shape, I’ve grown soft, I’ve forgotten everything, I’m so far behind in kung fu and weapons.

But it wasn’t scary when I got there. It felt like I’d never left.

And oh, the energy! I watched the tail end of the kids’ class, laughing along with them as they played our version of hacky-sack. When the beginning Tai Chi class started, I was grinning ear-to-ear. I had no trouble reviewing the first half of the form a few dozen times, reacquainting myself with that great big ball o’ chi I love so much.

Afterward, weapons. Staff came back to me. Even spear came back, after a few minor memory nudges. And after those warm-ups, I started sword. Who doesn’t love sword? Sure, I’m behind the rest of the class, but who cares? I got forward and reverse spins, figure eights, behind-the-head blocks, and a few moves that make me feel like a total badass. And I haven’t even started the form yet!

Oh, yes. Sword. We will be good friends, you and I.

I’m glad to be back home. :)

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