My week at Blue Heaven (and my conversations with the smart people there) gave me renewed energy for ebooks. I decided to finally put two of my humorous YA short stories online, and to re-cover my first novel, JADE TIGER, so it reads more clearly as romantic suspense. As soon as I have a few more hours, I’ll sign up with Smashwords and get these up on the remaining platforms.

Monstrous Love (A Bulfinch High Story) by Jenn Reese Monstrous Love (A Bulfinch High Story)
by Jenn Reese

$0.99 on Kindle and Nook.

High school’s not easy for the son of Pygmalion and Galatea. For starters, he’s made of stone. And terrible with girls. And terrible at just about everything else, too. But when a mysterious new girl shows up, he’ll do just about anything to get her attention… including facing the deadly Sphinx. [4500 words, humorous young adult fantasy]

Angst in D Minor (A Bulfinch High Story) by Jenn Reese Angst in D Minor (A Bulfinch High Story)
by Jenn Reese

$0.99 on Kindle and Nook.

Starting life at a new school is hard enough, but if you’re a siren who’s been raised by man-eating monsters, it’s a little rougher than most. Callie knows what she needs to do: keep her head down, get good grades, and above all, don’t sing. But when pretty-boy Pedar enters the scene, she has to fight more than one primal urge…or Pedar might end up dinner dead. [3200 words, humorous young adult fantasy]

by Jenn Reese

$2.99 on Kindle and Nook.
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Shan Westfall is on a mission to recover five mystical jade animals before they fall into the wrong hands.

Over fifteen years ago, Shan’s mother led a secret society of female martial artists sworn to protect the statues. When the Jade Circle lost four of the five statues during a murderous attack on their sanctuary, twelve-year-old Shan’s destiny was sealed. It was she who carried the remaining tiger statue all the way to America; she who felt it clawing at her with the need to recover the crane, snake, leopard, and dragon. The Circle was destroyed that night, and Shan hasn’t seen her mother since.

Shan has grown up under the tiger’s unforgiving influence and the shadow of her mother’s legacy. Her quest to recover the statues takes her to upstate New York and Ian Dashall, a geeky but brave archaeology professor, and then on to France and England with Ian at her side. Finally, on a secret island off the coast of Hong Kong, Shan overcomes torture, betrayal, and deadly tigers in order to battle the man who destroyed the Jade Circle. But even as she faces off with him, she loses hope. How can she possibly succeed where her mother had failed?

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