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What kind of goofball holds a writing dare the same month as the Olympics? That’s crazy-talk!

A few hundred words tonight, but not nearly enough. The finish line isn’t getting any closer. I’ll consider it a victory to have the 4 new chapters written by the end of the month… but even that scares the crap out of me.

How are the rest of you doing on the dare? Alternately, are you enjoying the Olympics as much as I am?

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  • I'm one of those assholes who doesn't have a TV and brags about as if lacking an appliance that normal people have is some kind of virtue.

    I think the Olympics suck because they don't let the athletes take drugs so they can really bulk up.

    I'm not doing a writer's dare because I plan to go off coffee by the end of the month and a dare would be too depressing. Plus working some 14+ hour days to pay off loans for my so called lucrative education makes a dare a recipe for depression.

    I'm writing pieces of short stories then tossing the pieces in the trash as they don't quite add up. I'll be doing the novel dare in two months from now when I'm on the road. I'll write a little in a spiral notebook and take the wordcount when I get to civilization in December.

  • Man, I’ve been missing out on the Olympics (saw the opening ceremonies, and that was it), and I’m just barely getting going on my dare. I hope I don’t have to give away too many books if I fail… sigh…

  • Oh I love the olympics, and this is the first time that Jade can watch with me and have some understanding. I missed quite a bit so far, due to Jades bday, but I am catching up now!!

  • My dare is going down in flames like Pacific Airways Flight 182 [reference to my current screenplay. Trust me, you don't want to look it up.]

    Still, I'm loving the Olympics. I have added several new Olympic girlfriends to my menagerie.

  • Erik — are you familiar with the band, Yonko and the Pilasters? They had a song called "PSA 182" back when the average person, at least in CA, wouldn't have needed to google it. Or been able to, but that's another story.

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Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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