My polling place was the back room of a local Office Depot. There were only three voters and three volunteers there, despite my wishes for a line of people snaking through the store. I stopped and looked at file cabinets on my way out.

I don’t care who you voted for, but did you vote?

4 thoughts on “Did you vote?”

  1. Mine was in a PetCo! I guess in case my ballot had fleas.

    Went at 7:30 AM and there was no line whatsover. I was out in three minutes.

  2. Hey, I voted in that same PetCo when I lived in Encino! I think I even bought a cat toy on my way out. :)

  3. Sadly, Texas is not a super Tuesday state. It's only a "pretty good Tuesday" state with the aid of beer googles. (I still can't find the plans for those anywhere. Nods to Warcraft.) I will work harder for the next election.

  4. Nope. In the chaos of moving, starting preschool, changing from cribs to big-boy beds, and six weeks of raging colds, I forgot to register at our new address.

    Which sucks. But there’s nothing I can do now.

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