As everyone knows, a new project calls for a new playlist! (Don’t you just love good justifications for buying new music?)

I’m looking for music that evokes a desert theme, preferably epic and sweeping. Horse-inspired music would also work. Think Laurence of Arabia, The Blue Sword, and one of my favorite musicals, The Desert Song.

Please recommend music that is:
1. Desert-themed and epic
2. Without lyrics (although lyrics in another language might be okay)
3. Obtainable through legal means

Thank you in advance!

6 thoughts on “Desert Music!”

  1. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" has some very desertesque tracks.

    Also, if you can find it, Toto's soundtrack to "Dune".

    Anything by Ennio Morricone's from spaghetti westerns.

    The amazing theme to The Magnificent Seven.

  2. Thanks, guys! With all your comments, plus the ones on Facebook, I have about 3 dozen soundtracks to check out!

  3. I like Holst’s The Planets. And Tangerine Dream’s Stratosphere is always amazing…I’ll talk to Tom and see what else I can come up with. There’s some fantastic classical music that he can probably pinpoint for you.

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