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Day Off


I spent Saturday gallavanting around the ocean with friends. We did a whale-watching tour and then ate on a pier overlooking the waves afterward. It was a simply fabulous day, despite the driving and the bright, bright sun.

But I started to feel sick Saturday night, and by Sunday morning I decided to stay in, relax, and not get sick. I canceled my screenwriting meeting, I canceled Lulu’s. I spent the day sleeping and playing WoW. I walked to CPK for a salad. I paid some bills. I played with the cat. I tried not to feel guilty about anything.

On the World of Warcraft front:

– River is now 67th level, Revered with the Kurenai, and having an absolute blast in the Outlands. Sunspot (her hyena) got a little irked when he died about 25 times in Coilfang Resevoir, but he forgave her after a suitable number of treats.

– My new Tauren druid got aquatic form! Wahoo!! I love turning into a weird, manatee-like thing and swimming without worrying about drowning.

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