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Cupcake Happy Hour


A new establishment just opened a mere block from my house: Diana Sproveri: designer bake shop. This spells my doom. (My tasty, tasty doom.)

On Thursdays from 5-9pm, the bake shop has Cupcake Happy Hour. (I know, right?) As a reward for making a deadline last week, I walked over to check the place out.

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It’s a small, bright studio designed to highlight its cupcake masterpieces. There were so many wonderfully elegant offerings, that I immediately knew I was in trouble.

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Ultimately, I settled on four cupcakes:

Charlie Brown: rich pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese icing and nutmeg
Yvette: lemon and lavender Madagascar bourbon vanilla cupcake with lemon curd, lemon-zested icing and lemon sugar
Craft: Valrhona chocolate cupcake with caramel sauce, whipped ganache and sea salt
Red Carpet: buttermilk red velvet cake with cream cheese icing

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I’d be hard pressed to choose a favorite among these because all were excellent…and because the other treats I brought home from the shop blew me away completely. I’m talking about “Lollibakes.”

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These dense little treats-on-a-stick were so delicious, I found myself making appreciative noises with each heavenly bite. I had gotten three: Pumpkin Spice, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Cookie Dough, although I had foolishly promised the third to Chris. (I will not make that mistake again.) In case I’m not making this clear:

You must try the Lollibakes!

And please, visit Diana Sproveri if you can. It’s a great shop and I want it to stick around for a long time. I didn’t realize that living a block from a place that holds Cupcake Happy Hour was a life-long dream, but now I realize that it is.

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