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I love cereal.

I love all kinds: the healthy stuff, the mildly-healthy stuff, the not-so-healthy stuff, and the thinly-disguised balls of sugar stuff.

I even mix my cereals. Sometimes a layer of Golden Grahams beneath my Cheerios gives them just the right spin. It’s an artform and a sport, and I have been a lifelong practitioner.

I could eat cereal for breakfast, second-breakfast, lunch, dinner, late-night snack, or middle-of-the-night munchies.

But the question is this: How many nights in a row can one eat cereal for dinner before it goes from “tasty and convenient” to “pathetic”?

Tonight, I fear I may have crossed the line. Even with the sliced banana. I put my bowl down, I looked back, and I saw the line.

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  • Nice! I may have to institute cereal night in our house to save a little time. Sounds like we could go some ways before coming upon that line you noted ;-)

    My cereal story: While attending CU as a freshman, I lived in the dorms. I came to believe the general quality of the food was so poor that for nearly that entire year I ate only cereal. Grape Nuts, morning, noon, and night. Mmmmm! I never really got tired of it.

    You know, now I think on it, I could go for a bowl of Grape Nuts right about now…

    • Oh, wow. Grape nuts for every meal for a year? I kowtow to your superior cereal fu, my friend!

  • There are so many varieties of cereal out there that you could eat a blend every day for months and never repeat! I don't think there is a line for cereal. :) (although Kashi is OFF my list!)

    • Mine too! Kashi has such an odd texture to it… somewhat like what I’d imagine styrofoam to feel like. I know people use that styrofoam comparison a lot with food when they dislike something, but the similarity really is there.

      My favorite cereals: Basic 4, Smart Start, and lately… Maple Mini-Wheats (it’s an off-brand that does the maple flavor). If I’m going for something sweet, I’m happy to stick to the simple things in life: chocolate rice krispies (the off brands of these are actually great too–not the case with off-brand cheerios), golden grahams, frosted flakes, and alphabits. And I really don’t mix them a whole lot, but this lack of mixing may change soon. I think it’s an area I should be exploring more fully.

  • Wow, Jenn, you are Cereal Master Reese! :-)

    I am not really all that big on cereal (due to my lifelong dislike of milk), but you did mention Golden Grahams, the ONE cereal I adore! :-)

  • Jenn is Iron Chef Cereal! When I lived back on Long Island, we went on one of our many gaming snack (more like feast…) runs. I always like to mix it up so I picked up a half gallon of milk and Rice Krispie Treats cereal! It was glorious! Talsman! Spoons! Bowls!

    Reading your post reminded me of my new diet (2x protein vs. carbs) that the No Mercy class has me doing. I’m eating mostly Special K High protein for the last couple of weeks. If I keep this up, I won’t get as many stares when I wear my bikini.

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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