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Cats and Kittens!


Cairo and Oslo have become best buds. They cuddle, they clean each other, they play… everything we’d hoped for and more. Oslo has quickly purred and played his way into our hearts. I will spare you the hundreds of photos and videos I’ve taken, and just give you a few.

Rest assured, you can see the entire Oslo Album if you want.

Here is my happy place:

Family nap time!

I went in for a nap one Saturday, and was quickly followed by Cairo, Chris, and Oslo. It was one of life’s perfect moments.

The little dude is tremendously cute. I love this picture because his head looks way oversized:

Oslo at the window.

Oslo is an odd kitten — he loves to play fetch! He will bring us a ball, chase it when we throw it, and bring it back again… for an hour at a time! It’s his favorite game by far. There’s a brief video below, but it really doesn’t capture the extent of the cute, you know? Here’s Oslo with one of his most precious toys:

Oslo and his purple ball.

I’ve also been taking more videos and uploading them to YouTube. (Picasa makes that incredibly easy!) Here are some of the latest:

Cat Battle – Go for the throat!
Oslo plays fetch (a small example)
Oslo the Biped
Oslo suckling the blanket (Play the sound at your own risk.)
Cat Battle – Licking Gone Bad

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