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Cats and Boxes


Oslo is a box-loving cat. He likes to cram himself into boxes that are too small, sit in boxes that are too big, and generally explore boxes of all sizes. He also bites boxes. And drop balls inside so he can bat them around. He likes to push boxes across the floor for unknown reasons.

In short: he’s a typical cat with regards to boxes.

From Oslo

For some reason, I love this picture. Maybe it’s the intensity of his “I’m sitting in my box” face. Maybe it’s that he stopped moving long enough for me to get one decent picture out of 15 tries. Maybe it’s because he’s just so gosh-darned cute.

Please, share the cute with me.

You may also enjoy this awesome video of “Many Too Small Boxes and Maru.” Maru is fairly famous on YouTube, and when I saw this video on BoingBoing, I couldn’t stop laughing. You must make it through the whole video (or skip to the 1:15 mark and watch from there).

Cats and boxes: the greatest love story ever told? Discuss.

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