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New Story: Gather Your Bones


“Gather Your Bones,” my new short story, is online at Daily Science Fiction today! Check it out if you get a chance. (Note: It’s an adult story and not intended for a middle-grade audience.)

“Gather Your Bones” is my (brief!) reflection on the Nice Guy Syndrome.

Event: WeHo Book Fair, Sept 29


West Hollywood Book Fair celebrates its 12th edition on Sunday, September 29th. This year’s festival will feature literature, art, music, performance and community in an eclectic presentation. A total of twelve outdoor stages and indoor venues, throughout West Hollywood Park and West Hollywood Library, will host literary and arts programming that will appeal to a broad audience of all ages and...

Audio Rights to Book 3 Sold


I’m happy to announce that the audio rights to HORIZON, book 3 of my Above World series, have sold to Candlewick! Candlewick and Brilliance Audio have done an amazing job on books one and two, both read by the award-winning Kate Rudd, and I can’t wait to hear Horizon come to life, too. Here’s a link to all my current books available on, although they’re...

Sale to Daily Science Fiction


Just before I had surgery in June, I wrote two new flash stories. I’m happy to report that the first one, “Gather Your Bones,” has sold to Daily Science Fiction! Previously, Daily Science Fiction published stories of mine as part of the “Alphabet Quartet,” a series of 26 shorts co-authored by Tim Pratt, Heather Shaw, and Greg van Eekhout. For those of you unfamiliar...

Inspiration Office


One good thing about having the walls and ceiling of your office space soaked, torn down, and rebuilt is that you get to rethink the space a bit. For example, I replaced the outdated chandelier — my office would be a dining room for most people — with a ceiling fan with clean, modern lines. I’ll be working at home now, and the extra fan will come in very handy during the summer...

The Book Smugglers review MIRAGE


I love The Book Smugglers, which means I get equal parts nervous and thrilled when I hear they’re going to review one of my books. Last year, Thea read and enjoyed Above World, giving it an 8 out of 10 and calling it a notable read of 2012. (I still squee when I type that). But Mirage… Mirage was the hardest book I’ve written yet, and at times I thought it would break me...

Ebook Extravaganza


My week at Blue Heaven (and my conversations with the smart people there) gave me renewed energy for ebooks. I decided to finally put two of my humorous YA short stories online, and to re-cover my first novel, JADE TIGER, so it reads more clearly as romantic suspense. As soon as I have a few more hours, I’ll sign up with Smashwords and get these up on the remaining platforms. Angst in D...

Kindle Queen for a Day


On April 30th, Above World was advertised on Amazon as the Kindle Teens Daily Deal, and the price was reduced to $1.99. Here’s what happened. A few weeks ago, my publicist at Candlewick let me know that Above World had been selected. I have no idea how that process worked, only that we were all excited. I wasn’t allowed to say anything until the actual day of the sale. So I made a...

WonderCon Anaheim Schedule


This upcoming weekend, March 30-31, I’ll be at WonderCon in Anaheim. Most of the time I’ll be in total fan-mode: going to panels, spending too much money in the dealers room, and trying to catch glimpses of my favorite authors and TV stars. Here’s the author stuff:   SIGNING Sunday, March 31st, 1:30-2:00pm Mysterious Galaxy, Booth #1201 PANEL: “Capacity for the...

Book Release Day! MIRAGE and POISON


The second book in my Above World series officially makes its way into the world today, but before I get to that, I want to talk about Bridget Zinn and her YA debut Poison, also releasing today. Bridget died from cancer in May 2011 at the age of 33, before getting to see her debut book published. I never had the opportunity to meet her, but I think I would have liked her. Her bio says: Bridget...

UK Cover for Above World!


Above World releases in the UK on April 4th from Walker, and here’s the cover! Personally, I find it fascinating to see which elements of the US cover they chose to emphasize or de-emphasize. For example, the distinction between the underwater realm and the “above world” is very evident with a strong horizon line. May this little book find its way into the hands of many UK...

2013: Looking Forward


I’m still processing everything that happened in 2012: the debut of Above World, the audiobook, the signings and book clubs and events, the reviews and fan art, turning in the third book of the trilogy… plus all the difficult stuff that, frankly, sometimes seems to overwhelm the good. But instead of going into that now, I’d like to look forward to the new year. I’m always...

Me and Above World on The Book Smugglers


First, the reason I’m grinning ear-to-ear today: Above World has been reviewed on The Book Smugglers, where Thea calls it a “notable read of 2012”! I also had the pleasure of writing a guest post for The Book Smugglers as part of their annual Smugglivus celebration. I chose to talk about girl adventurers and some of my favorite middle grade adventure reads from 2012… and...

The Norton Award and Middle Grade Books


This post is part of the Norton Award Blog Tour. The “Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy,” given annually by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), is actually an award for both young adult and middle grade fiction, despite the official title. If you look at the list of Norton Award finalists and winners since the award’s creation, you’ll see a...

The Norton Jury on the Norton Award: Why It’s Important


This post is part of the Norton Award Blog Tour. Although the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult* Science Fiction and Fantasy relies on nominations from SFWA members just as the Nebula Awards do, the Norton also employs a jury of qualified volunteer SFWA members to help round out the ballot and ensure that outstanding works are not overlooked. We’ve asked this year’s jury to share their thoughts...

Above World 2, MIRAGE: Cover! Copy! ARCs!


Here it is, the front and back covers for Mirage, the second book in my Above World adventure series from Candlewick! Isn’t it gorgeous? Artist Alexander Jansson and Kathryn Cunningham at Candlewick have really outdone themselves. [Click for a larger images.] And the official flap copy: The desert is no place for ocean-dwelling Kampii like Aluna and Hoku, especially now that Aluna has...

WeHo Book Fair Recap


On Sunday I attended the West Hollywood Book Fair and had the opportunity to participate in the middle-grade panel. Evidence: My illustrious author buddies were (from left to right): Aaron Hartzler, our fearless moderator and author of the forthcoming young adult memoir, Rapture Practice, inspired by his experience getting kicked out of Catholic school just two weeks before graduating. Lin...

Above World updates


I’m still riding high after turning in Book 3 to my editor a few weeks ago. This feeling will probably last until the revision letter hits in October or November. In the meantime, other fun things have been happening. This week I saw the cover the UK edition of Above World. The book will be available in the UK in paperback next spring, around the same time that the US paperback is released...

Fan art from Shelby!


More awesome fan art for Above World! I am clearly the luckiest author ever. This time the artist is Shelby, a 15-year-old writer who’s working on a truly epic novel. I have no doubt that we’ll all be reading her books some day! But for now, here is Shelby’s rendition of Aluna. I particularly love her hair and her clothes and her weapon — okay, I pretty much love the whole...

“The End”


Today I finished the first draft of the third and final book in my Above World series. I’ve written my fifth book and my first-ever trilogy! Although my feelings are mixed — I’ve been with these characters for over five years now — I feel good. Epically good. I hear birds chirping and see unicorns dancing on rainbows everywhere I look. This last week was my “make-it...

Aluna fan art & more!


My favorite thing about being an author is seeing fan art and getting feedback from kid readers. Nothing puts me in a better mood or makes me want to dig back into my novel file and keep writing. Today I have two items to share: a picture of Aluna and a wee book report. This picture of Aluna by The Maud (she probably just goes by Maud) captures Aluna perfectly. Look at those muscles! The weapons...

My ALA 2012 Schedule


This weekend I’m headed to my very first ALA (American Library Association) annual summer conference. ALA Anaheim will be packed with publishers, librarians, book bloggers, readers, authors, and books Books BOOKS! I’ll be wandering around until 4pm on Saturday, and on Sunday I’ll be signing Above World. Click the graphic to see my face on the official flyer! (Or not.) Jenn Reese...

Events in LA: April 27 & 28


Last week’s adventure up in Berkeley was tremendous fun. I finally met Anne Nesbet, author of The Cabinet of Earths, and got to spend more time with Jenny Lundquist, author of Seeing Cinderella. I have now read both of their books and loved them without reservation. This Words of Wonder Tour is a great gig. This week, Los Angeles is the place to be. We’ve got two events scheduled:...

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