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Go, Kings!

Hockey and Hometowns


My fifth season as a hockey fan has begun! Chris and I headed down to Staples Center to watch the Kings beat the NJ Devils on October 30th. The energy was fantastic — lots of fans and crew members were wearing Halloween costumes, our seats were great, and we didn’t have any obnoxious people sitting near us. Oh, and did I mention the Kings are leading the entire NHL? What a change from...

Hockey: Bye-bye, Fro


My favorite LA Kings player, Alexander Frolov, is leaving the team. His contract with the Kings expired this year, and he just signed with the NY Rangers. I’ll get to see him play maybe once or twice during the entire season, if I’m lucky. It’s not surprising news, as Frolov has been in the doghouse with King’s management for a long time now. Personally, I think his...



This is my fourth season as an LA Kings fan, and my fourth season as a hockey fan in general. The first three seasons, the Kings ended up in the bottom of the league. Occasionally, even dead last. Honestly? This was the perfect way to begin a new fandom. My expectations have been low for every game. I expect the team to be sloppy, to make mistakes, to take bad penalties, and to blow leads. The...

Hockey Season!


Saturday afternoon, Chris and I headed down to Staples Center to watch the Kings play in their home opener. Witness our smiling faces as we sit outside the stadium listening to a cover band called “Which One’s Pink?” At this point, the Kings could still be good. We’re in a Schrodinger’s hockey moment. From 2009 Photobook (Chris is making a funny face because he...

Go Kings!


This season I became a REAL hockey fan: I bought a hockey jersey! Here I am at a game last week, sporting my FROLOV jersey and official hat at Staples Center in Los Angeles. From 2008 Photobook Do people buy jerseys/uniforms for other sports, or is hockey an anomaly? I was shocked at the first game to see how many people were wearing them. And these things aren’t cheap! It took me two full...

Bye-bye, Lubo!


No one will care about this except me, but the Kings traded Lubomir Visnovsky to Edmonton. I really liked Lubo! He was one of my favorite players on the team. Waaaah! Now that I’ve been following hockey for two seasons, I see how easy it is to get attached to not just the team, but the individual players as well. I’ve never followed a team sport this closely before — to the...

Last Kings Game, and more


Have I been talking about regular, everyday life lately? Well, here’s one of those entries regardless. My weekend update! Friday night was surrendered to Battlestar Galactica. I asked Chris to save the last two episodes of Season 3 so we could watch them together before the first episode of Season 4. Mmm. Three tasty  hours of good TV and couch snuggling, with cat. If there’s a better...

Stone Hands


One of the things I love most about a new obsession is learning the slang. Hockey has proven particularly rewarding in that arena, and I can now spout on about “one-timers,” “wrap-arounds,” “enforcers,” and “changing on the fly.” My absolute favorite new phrase is “stone hands,” said of a player who lacks puck-handling skills. For...

Hockey and Resolutions


As a Los Angeles Kings fan, I have become an aficionado of failure. The last-place Kings have been trying everything to climb out of the basement. One of the sentiments I see repeatedly in articles and blogs is this: Don’t focus on winning the game, focus on winning the little fights that make up a game. You have to keep your mind in the moment. You can’t be thinking about the goal...



Hi, folks! I’ve been offline while entertaining a house guest for the last few days. I’ve barely even been checking email — can you believe it? No, no, it’s true. I’ll probably continue to be offline through Wednesday or Thursday. In recent news: – The movie THE TV SET was funny and depressing, and I highly recommended it, especially if you liked (or wanted to...

Number 24


My latest crush is on…

…24-year-old Russian cutie, Alexander Frolov!
Have I mentioned that I’m a little excited about seeing another Kings game next Saturday? :-D
(And hey, the last time I mentioned having a crush on someone famous, the dude actually wrote me an email. Just checking to see if the magic still works!)

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