This is my fourth season as an LA Kings fan, and my fourth season as a hockey fan in general. The first three seasons, the Kings ended up in the bottom of the league. Occasionally, even dead last. Honestly? This was the perfect way to begin a new fandom. My expectations have been low for …

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Hockey Season!

Saturday afternoon, Chris and I headed down to Staples Center to watch the Kings play in their home opener. Witness our smiling faces as we sit outside the stadium listening to a cover band called “Which One’s Pink?” At this point, the Kings could still be good. We’re in a Schrodinger’s hockey moment. From 2009 …

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Go Kings!

This season I became a REAL hockey fan: I bought a hockey jersey! Here I am at a game last week, sporting my FROLOV jersey and official hat at Staples Center in Los Angeles. From 2008 Photobook Do people buy jerseys/uniforms for other sports, or is hockey an anomaly? I was shocked at the first …

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Bye-bye, Lubo!

No one will care about this except me, but the Kings traded Lubomir Visnovsky to Edmonton. I really liked Lubo! He was one of my favorite players on the team. Waaaah! Now that I’ve been following hockey for two seasons, I see how easy it is to get attached to not just the team, but …

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Stone Hands

One of the things I love most about a new obsession is learning the slang. Hockey has proven particularly rewarding in that arena, and I can now spout on about “one-timers,” “wrap-arounds,” “enforcers,” and “changing on the fly.” My absolute favorite new phrase is “stone hands,” said of a player who lacks puck-handling skills. For …

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Hi, folks! I’ve been offline while entertaining a house guest for the last few days. I’ve barely even been checking email — can you believe it? No, no, it’s true. I’ll probably continue to be offline through Wednesday or Thursday. In recent news: – The movie THE TV SET was funny and depressing, and I …

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Number 24

My latest crush is on… …24-year-old Russian cutie, Alexander Frolov! Have I mentioned that I’m a little excited about seeing another Kings game next Saturday? :-D (And hey, the last time I mentioned having a crush on someone famous, the dude actually wrote me an email. Just checking to see if the magic still works!)