Curling Clinic

What’s better than a local curling clinic? A local curling clinic that takes place at ICE STATION VALENCIA! (Having recently watched Ice Station Zebra, the jokes never stopped coming.) I’ve been fascinated by curling since the Olympics four years ago, and this year I got to watch almost every televised match. But my friend Erik …

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Oslo Bites IKEA

Considering his name, you’d think Oslo would be good at building cheap IKEA bookshelves.* But you would be wrong: From 2009 Photobook * (I know, I know — Sweden and Norway aren’t actually the same country. Just go with it.)

Hockey Season!

Saturday afternoon, Chris and I headed down to Staples Center to watch the Kings play in their home opener. Witness our smiling faces as we sit outside the stadium listening to a cover band called “Which One’s Pink?” At this point, the Kings could still be good. We’re in a Schrodinger’s hockey moment. From 2009 …

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NERF Mania

I’ve never seen the allure of NERF guns. I despise guns in general. When other folks at the studio started buying NERF weaponry and holding huge battles, I mostly just sat at my desk and tried not to get hit in the crossfire. Then the producers bought everyone a NERF gun, and like it or …

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It’s only taken me 8 months, but I finally got a haircut. And can I just say one thing? Burke is the best stylist in the whole world! Not only is he one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, we had a lovely time gabbing about tv shows, books, movies, and everything else under …

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The Great Accord

Some exciting news on the feline front! First, the kitten has a name, and that name is “Oslo.” We like the city motif (see “Cairo”), and he’s all grey and white indicating someplace cold and snowy. (What, you were hoping for Stuttgart?) From Oslo

Cat Search ’09!

After speaking to several people via email, we decided to visit the Kitten Rescue adoption event in Canoga Park today. Okay, I’d decided that several days ago and had been sleepless and counting the seconds until today’s event. I finally understand “baby fever,” as I have had a terrible case of “new kitty fever” all …

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