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Blue skies, a nice breeze, and free passes to Disneyland… It’s hard to ask for anything more than that! The Indiana Jones ride was first. Lisa had never been on it, and her constant laughter had me laughing the entire ride, too. And screaming. And laughing some more. We dodged arrows and barely avoided being crushed by a huge rolling boulder. I even spotted my first “hidden...

My First Yoga


I’ve been terrified of yoga for a long time now. It’s all those sleek, graceful people doing impossible poses in the ads. They can bend in ways my body doesn’t even understand, and look amazing at the same time. They seem calm and at peace with the world. They wear pastels. What’s not to fear? Okay, if I’m being totally honest, that’s not really it. Those...

Year of the Rat


Happy Chinese New Year! The parade in Chinatown was on February 9th this year, and me and my buds once again braved the traffic for ringside seats. The weather was gorgeous and we found a great spot near the start of the parade. I loved the constant barrage of confetti and colors. The sun was a bit unforgiving at times, but I do believe we did a good job heralding the Year of the Rat. I’ve...

Harry Potter Exhibit


My friend MoviePen works at WB. Before lunch today, we wandered around the lot, stood in the ER ambulance bay, and visited the Warner Brothers Museum… of which the entire second floor is dedicated to Harry Potter! Oh, the geekery! We were greeted immediately by a headless mannequin sporting Hagrid’s huge overcoat from the first movie. What, is he nine or ten feet tall? Then we saw...

Whale Watching


Ages and ages ago, Vera invited a few of us to join her on a whale-watching tour organized by her alumni association. What a fun trip! The weather was absolutely wonderful and my motion sickness never became too much of an issue. We saw plenty of whales, as well as a bizarre sunfish of some sort, and a whole heap of sea lions. The view from the back of the boat as we sped through the water...

Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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