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Los Angeles, Portland, and the Shape of Life


I came to Los Angeles over fifteen years ago, when I was 29. I’d returned home from Clarion, gotten a divorce, and fled west with nothing but my car, my cat, and a desire for change. I certainly found it. Life in Los Angeles was the opposite of my life in Maryland, where I’d felt stuck and uncertain and kind of empty. I started studying martial arts and one of the first things I learned was the...

Handmade Book: Matchbook Memories


Back in 1997, my BFF Sally Felt suggested we attend a week-long workshop at the Split Rock summer camp in Duluth: “Cover to Cover” taught by (the now late) Shereen LaPlantz. We were both really into paper arts at the time, and a whole week making handmade books sounded like heaven. It was not heaven. Shereen worked us so freakin’ hard! In one short, intense week, we made dozens...

My Very Own T-Shirt Designs


One of the birthday presents I gave myself this year was to finally start designing t-shirts and putting them online… not necessarily to sell to other people, but so that I could start wearing more of my own stuff. [Edited to add:] If you’re interested in any of these designs, you’ll find purchasing options here: –> 100% Star Stuff –> I want to believe: Mermaids...

The Wonder of the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop


Last week, I attended the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop in Laramie, Wyoming. Here’s the description: Launch Pad is a workshop for established writers held in beautiful high-altitude Laramie, Wyoming. Launch Pad aims to provide a “crash course” for the attendees in modern astronomy science through guest lectures, and observation through the University of Wyoming’s professional telescopes...

Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop


This summer, in a galaxy far, far away (aka Laramie, WY), I’ll be attending the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop! Launch Pad is a workshop for established writers held in beautiful high-altitude Laramie, Wyoming. Launch Pad aims to provide a “crash course” for the attendees in modern astronomy science through guest lectures, and observation through the University of Wyoming’s professional...

Herb Garden, Season 2


Last summer I planted my very first herb garden (see “Herb Adventure” for all the exciting details). I absolutely loved growing my own herbs. I loved the way they looked on the porch — easily visible from the main room where I spend all my time — and I found myself cooking more often because I wanted to use herbs I’d grown myself. And then I went away for 10 days...

Adventuring in Oregon


Our trip has been amazing so far! We’ve hiked the Pittock Mansion trail in Portland (I didn’t make it to the top, but I loved it anyway) and the utterly glorious Cape Lookout trail on the coast. We managed quick visits to Powell’s, Title 9, and REI and walked around town. We ate at the Kennedy School, Prasad (YUM), and had one of the best meals EVER at a place called The Farm...

To Oregon!


I’m in the airport, about to leave for Oregon where I’ll be hiking, eating, and goofing around with my friends.I might do some writing, too, but only if I feel like it. This is the first non-writing-related vacation I’ve taken in years, and I want to enjoy every minute of it!

WeHo Book Fair Recap


On Sunday I attended the West Hollywood Book Fair and had the opportunity to participate in the middle-grade panel. Evidence: My illustrious author buddies were (from left to right): Aaron Hartzler, our fearless moderator and author of the forthcoming young adult memoir, Rapture Practice, inspired by his experience getting kicked out of Catholic school just two weeks before graduating. Lin...

Above World Release Day!


After years and years of working and waiting, Above World is finally out in there in the wild. I’m going to steal a page from my buddy Sarah Prineas and take this opportunity to post the book’s dedication and acknowledgements. Today is also Valentine’s Day, which is fitting since my heart is overflowing with love and gratitude. Thank you, my friends, for helping me make this...

2011: A Sappy Review


It was with no small amount of trepidation that I searched back through my blog entries to see what resolutions I had made for 2011. But then I found this: This year, I want to revel in the journey, to savor every happy moment, and to share as much love as possible with my friends and family. If I can do those things, everything else will fall into place. And if it doesn’t, I won’t mind. And you...

Young Doctor Dolittle & Me


Do you remember last year when I got my first SAG-qualifying voice acting job? (If not, here’s a reminder about My First Movie.) The movie was supposed to go direct to DVD, but the producers lost their original distribution deal. Eh. These things happen all the time in Hollywood, and I barely thought about it at all. Flash forward to last night, when I was checking out the new arrivals on...

My WFC Schedule


I will be at many fine events during WFC, just not as a participant. It’s been a crazy year, and I’m looking forward to sitting back, hanging out with friends, and enjoying a much-needed vacation. Wednesday Mysterious Galaxy Meet-and-Greet Thursday Lunch with my brother Diversity in YA event at Poway Library Aussie Party Friday Clarion Party Daryl Gregory’s Unpossible Party...

10 Years of Martial Arts


I’ve been studying martial arts for 10 years now. I hit the milestone back in June. My studies have been erratic over the years — sometimes I was taking 7 classes a week, sometimes I was skipping classes for months at a time because of work or a writing deadline. Sometimes classes were fun, and sometimes they were miserable. They were always hard. Sifu Carrie once noted that I’d...

Finn Makes Five


After about eight months of discussing the merits of a third cat and deciding it was too much of a risk, we fell in love with a new little boy named Tab Hunter this weekend and brought him home anyway. What swayed us was a long conversation with his foster daddy, an incredibly knowledgable and caring man who blew me away with his knowledge of cat health and behavior. We knew the kitten had been...

Ebook Cover Design: Tiger Bright Studios


I’ve discovered an intense love for designing book covers. Ebook covers, to be precise. And some of my awesome friends have convinced me to start offering these services to other people. So today I’m introducing: (I might continue to tweak the logo a bit, but that’s it for now. In one variation. This week.) The website includes a portfolio of covers for short stories by Tobias S...

Weekend O’ Copyedits


This weekend, I’ll be enjoying a whole new part of the publishing process: copyedits. Back in 2006, after I sold JADE TIGER, I paid a friend out of my advance to copyedit the manuscript. She caught a lot of great stuff, and I’ve never regretted having a cleaner manuscript go to press. But wow, is this different. My copyedits for ABOVE WORLD arrived earlier this week, and it was hours...

In the Space Between Heavens


I’m about to head off to a peer-run novel workshop called Blue Heaven. I went back in 2008, when I brought the incredibly clumsy first draft of ABOVE WORLD. Three years later, and I’m bringing the (hopefully less clumsy) first draft of ABOVE WORLD, Book 2. Things have changed a lot in the last three years. After I attended BH in 2008, I didn’t write for 8 months. I remember...

Facing Fear: The Gym


Earlier today, I realized how much I’ve been grieving for running. I only did it a few months, but I had already fallen in love. I loved the time by myself, I loved being away from my computer, I loved following my own schedule, and I especially loved being outside and feeling connected to the world. I thought about ignoring my doctor and continuing to run, but my friends wisely reeled me...

Gallifrey & Whedonistas Launch


I’ve never been on a con panel before. I don’t consider myself an expert about anything except my own life — and even that assertion is a little shaky most days. But when editors Lynne Thomas and Deborah Stanish asked me to come to Gallifrey One for the Whedonistas launch, I couldn’t refuse. (Don’t get me wrong — I tried to refuse, I just couldn’t.) So I...

Whedonistas: My First Essay


I’m thrilled to announce my inclusion in Whedonistas, “A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon By The Women Who Love Them,” edited by the fabulous duo of Lynne M. Thomas and Deborah Stanish. The book will be released March 15, 2011, by Mad Norwegian Press. I’d never written a personal essay before “Something to Sing About,” but I just couldn’t pass up...

Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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