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Cat Advice Needed


Well, the new kitten is here… and Cairo is absolutely terrified. He has been hiding ever since. I brought the kitten’s carrier over to Cairo so he could smell it, and he was terrified of that, too. I’m beginning to think that Cairo wants to be an only cat. I’m beginning to think we’ll have to give the kitten back. I know, I know, it hasn’t been very long...

Cat Search ’09!


After speaking to several people via email, we decided to visit the Kitten Rescue adoption event in Canoga Park today. Okay, I’d decided that several days ago and had been sleepless and counting the seconds until today’s event. I finally understand “baby fever,” as I have had a terrible case of “new kitty fever” all week — buying new toys, litter boxes...

Anniversaries & Birthdays, Cat Edition


Tomorrow, July 7th, will be three years since my amazing cat Balthazar (“Zar”) died. Here’s something I wrote in my journal a few days before I lost him: So, I’m crying, and talking to Zar about how much he’s meant to me and how much I love him, and I’m petting him and kissing his soft grey head, and then I’m sobbing some more and giving him treats and...

2008, now with more cats!


I wish I had taken more pictures in 2007. I will not make that mistake again in 2008. I’ve already started my “photobook” for the new year, and have begun to fill it with… what else? Cairo! No one ever gets to see pictures of cats on the Internet. This is so strange and exciting! (Well, okay. Maybe not. But at least there are only 6 pictures so far.) 2008 begins with Cairo...

Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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