Kitten Conquers All

Finley the kitten has successfully conquered us all. Me, Chris, and both cats. Witness the glory of his devious master plan. First, he presents himself as a soft, purring invitation that Cairo is unable to resist. (You can almost hear the evil laugh in that second picture.) Then, after spending hours and hours following Oslo …

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Caturday Comes Early

Defying all odds, the cats are still being cute. The classic “Why don’t you ever pay attention to me?” look: A good reminder that cats are predators: But that they pretend to be harmless: And last, Oslo looking uncharacteristically dignified:

Cuddlin’ Cats

More cat pictures! Why? Because I have both cats and a camera, and this is what happens! From Oslo From Oslo Finally, after almost two years, Oslo has discovered the joys of the bathroom sink. From Oslo The dudes have been awesome writing buddies lately. Except when they’re not.

Cats and Boxes

Oslo is a box-loving cat. He likes to cram himself into boxes that are too small, sit in boxes that are too big, and generally explore boxes of all sizes. He also bites boxes. And drop balls inside so he can bat them around. He likes to push boxes across the floor for unknown reasons. …

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Sleeping Tongue

Did someone request more cat pictures? I took these two over the weekend, when I found Oslo asleep in the middle of the sofa with his tongue sticking out. You know that myth that all cats are graceful and refined? BUSTED. From Oslo And a close-up with bonus disdain: From Oslo

Oslo, Cairo, Zar

First things first: Oslo is doing great! That little rascal has gained a whole pound now that he eats mostly food instead of plastic and rubber. His coat is softer and shinier now, too, and he’s a non-stop playing machine. He went back to the vet yesterday for the remainder of his kitten shots, and …

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Oslo is Home

Oslo came home this morning. Within five minutes of being home, he was eating, purring, begging for scruffles, and wanting to play. In fact, he’s been like that ever since. It’s the best, most wonderful sight in the world. I just wanted to take a moment to thank the amazing vets who saved our little …

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Oslo Update

Yesterday, Oslo the Kitten (who recently turned one) barfed up a hairband. As he’d been trying to hack something up for a day or so beforehand (we assumed a hairball), we were relieved to see it. Obviously he’d gotten rid of the problem and we expected a swift return to form. (He’d been playful, cuddly, …

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Oslo Turns One

On April 4th, Oslo the Kitten turned one. The little guy has grown so much since we got him! Back then, he could fit into “the lounge” like so: From Oslo

Oslo Bites IKEA

Considering his name, you’d think Oslo would be good at building cheap IKEA bookshelves.* But you would be wrong: From 2009 Photobook * (I know, I know — Sweden and Norway aren’t actually the same country. Just go with it.)

The Great Accord

Some exciting news on the feline front! First, the kitten has a name, and that name is “Oslo.” We like the city motif (see “Cairo”), and he’s all grey and white indicating someplace cold and snowy. (What, you were hoping for Stuttgart?) From Oslo