I was driving home at 11pm, exhausted and feeling a wee bit self-pitying after a long day, when I passed a series of white trucks. White trucks in LA mean a location shoot. The back of the last truck was open and inside, a woman was rifling frantically through rows and rows of costumes. Now …

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Today’s mystery Hollywood sign read “ACNE.” Let’s just hope they’re casting a commercial and not in production on a blockbuster trilogy… Nope, not even remotely tempted to follow.

Follow the Signs

There are signs taped and stapled all over Los Angeles, usually handwritten, and always bearing a codeword like “Cowboy” or “Underwater” or “Heaven” and pointing down a certain road. It’s my understanding that these signs point to casting calls or shoots. Whenever I see one, I spend the rest of the drive making up a …

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Clear Night

Class was good tonight; lots of laughter, a good workout, the genuine happiness of people being together, doing something they love. Maybe that’s what primed me for the magic of the drive home. It’s one of those clean, clear nights in Los Angeles. The air is perfect — its temperature, its clarity, even its smell. …

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Go Kings!

This season I became a REAL hockey fan: I bought a hockey jersey! Here I am at a game last week, sporting my FROLOV jersey and official hat at Staples Center in Los Angeles. From 2008 Photobook Do people buy jerseys/uniforms for other sports, or is hockey an anomaly? I was shocked at the first …

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