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Not much of a surprise, I suspect, but I’ve been crazy busy the last few weeks. The day job (and can I still call it “day” job when I’m there into the night?) soaks up most of my available hours. In the scraps that remain, I try to write, hit kung fu class, say hi to Chris and Cairo, and take care of miscellaneous life stuff. Haven’t been so good about that last one, as my neglected journal clearly shows.

Working for a production company is a lot like working for a dot com. They both possess a casual atmosphere and employ people with passion who are willing to work massive numbers of hours. In many ways, the company becomes your life.

You might think that’s a bad thing, but it’s not. Because you care about the success of the operation, and because you know, deep down, that your contribution can make a difference. I don’t know about you, but I rarely get that feeling when I work for a large, stable company, where people and processes are mostly in place. I thrive on the start-up atmosphere. It’s like a frontier and we’re the pioneers. I love the adventure and the challenge and the chance to shape something special.

Because the company is our life, we have a established a gym in our warehouse. A bowflex, some benches, two complete sets of weights, and my favoritest thing in the whole world: a heavy bag! I cannot walk by the bag without hitting it or kicking it. I’ve ordered some bag gloves, but until then, I’m enjoying the raw, bloody knuckles aspect. My buddy David has been my workout partner and personal trainer, and I’m learning a ton about the proper form for gym workouts.

Did I mention there’s a heavy bag? Did I mention how amazingly awesome it is? Can I mention it again?

Heavy! Bag! Awesome!

Tomorrow is another shoot day, my second one with the production company. I’ll probably leave around 8am in the morning, and if things go well, I should be home by 10pm at night. If things go really really well, I’ll even get to see Chris for a few minutes.

I’m ridiculously busy right now, but I’m also terrifically happy. I guess it’s finally time to admit that, for me, the former begets the latter.

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