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Broadsword, Baby!


Tonight I got to do something on The Great List of Things I Want To Do Some Day, When I Have Time:

Ground work with a weapon.

In this case, the weapon was my trusty broadsword Blueberry. I finally got to the point in my sword form where you do a forward roll to the ground, then perform a series of side rolls where you swing the sword in an arc under your legs.

It looks amazingly cool when done by someone with skill and flexibility.
It looks remarkably ridiculous when done by me.

Fortunately, all the people at the studio tonight were riveted by the wild antics of the Parkour class. Yet another reason to love Parkour!

Unfortunately, rolls really hurt my scoliosis-twisted back. Especially when I practice them over and over and over. Time for some Advil, and maybe a stiff drink.

Take that, The List!

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  • Yay! Oh, I wish I had been there to see you! I was dealing with hubby and that kid who doesn't drive but should. Hopefully I'll be back to tai chi on Saturday – we'll see. Hope you got that advil!

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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