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Body Trickery


I’m trying to be better about listening to my body. If I don’t feel like going to martial arts class, I try to assess my motives. Does my body need a break? Have I been pushing too hard? Am I just being lazy? (Hey, that fresh batch of cookies isn’t going to eat itself…)

I didn’t feel like going to class tonight, but when I started to feel feverish before class, I thought it was psychosomatic. I actually thought my body was trying to trick me into thinking I was getting sick. (I am vaguely aware of how silly this sounds.)

Let me just say: wielding two daggers in a small space full of people who are also wielding two daggers is not the best or safest place to feel under-the-weather. (We’re very lucky no arteries were severed.) And then I stayed in class 45 more minutes because I didn’t want to seem like a whiner. (That’s why I have this blog, after all. ;-D)

I’m feeling fairly ridiculous right now, and ridiculous loves company. Tell me some silly things that you’ve done recently — please?

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  • I stood on a rock where I perceived I was likely to be drenched (and possibly swept away) by a larger-than-average wave, because I was frustrated with myself for being frightened by the other slightly-than-larger-than-average waves…for over five minutes. Then I got showered with golf-ball sized bits of spray, and ran for cover for the sake of the $3K worth of camera gear I was holding. The down side: None of my shots were usable. My hands were shaking from adrenaline.

    • Okay, that's definitely fairly silly, and very much *you*. I can picture it perfectly!!! Just glad you and the camera survived. You'll have to do it again to get the pictures… just invite me along next time!

  • Ok, I am SURE I've done something sillier than this recently, but this is the first thing I could think of:

    In a cafe, where I'd dropped my sunglasses off the top of my head (by tilting my head back to read the menu on the wall) when I first got there, I couldn't find them as I was getting ready to leave. Since I KNEW I had them when I got there, I carefully retraced all my steps/ places I'd stood. Finally, unable to find them, I went up to ask at the counter. "Excuse me," I said, touching my chest in a self-conscious manner, "have you found… nevermind."

    Because in touching my chest, I found my sunglasses, hanging off the front of my shirt where I'd stored them for safekeeping. Unfortunately, the guy behind the counter wanted to make sure I was ok, so I had to explain/ laugh at myself. Ah well!

    Oh! I just thought of a MUCH better one:

    Last night! My allergies/ cold/ cough is so bad that my asthma has acted up, so I have an inhaler at the momment. But I knew I needed to let Sensei know that, yes, I wanted to test for 6th kyu, so I went to Aikido anyway. About a half an hour in, I had a bad attack. Not only did I sit and watch the demo, struggling to breathe through the attack (it's etiquette, but I think in this case I probably should've gotten off the mat quicker), but then I realized that I'd left my inhaler in my locker… two floors below. I had to run down the stairs, through the locker room, unlock my locker and dig my inhaler out, all while struggling to get enough breath.

    …needless to say, that inhaler came back with me to class!

    • Oh, god, Heather — that's scary!!! I'm so glad you were able to retrieve your inhaler without something more terrible happening. Yeep!

      The sunglass story, though? Hee hee hee!

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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