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I’m having a hard time blogging. Weird, as I’ve been keeping a blog since 1998 — over 10 years now — and except for times when I went dark to take care of personal issues, I’ve never had trouble coming up with entries. But the last few months? Blog block.

Some of that is due to the changes in my writing status. When I was working on novels or short stories, I felt fairly invisible to the professional writing world. Occasionally a post would get linked and some new traffic would trickle in, but for the most part, I could blog about whatever I wanted without consequence.

That doesn’t feel true any more, and I haven’t yet found my comfort zone in terms of posts. I don’t feel comfortable discussing writing issues knowing that editors may stumble across the entries when my manuscript is on submission. Do I want to admit that I sometimes have trouble dealing with all the people at cons? Hell, no! I want future publishing houses and publicity teams to think I’m ready, willing, and able to do whatever I need to do to promote my books. (And I am!) It feels silly to get ahead of myself like that — I don’t even have a book deal, after all. But I’d feel even sillier if flippant journal entries came back to bite me later.

So, while I’m figuring all of this out, I’d love some suggestions for blog entry topics. Anything is fine. I’m just looking for some sparks to get me through the blog block.


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  • I have the same kind of block of late — though my reasons are more that I don't have anything I feel like blogging about.

    I'd say write about the other stuff going on in your life other than writing, for a change. Like kung fu or your love for hockey in California(!) or movies or books you read. Or traveling. Or… anything, really. Whatever moves ya.

    • Thanks, Mike. I guess it's also that I feel like a broken record these days: Hockey game! New kung fu thing! What I ate! I can't imagine how this is interesting to anyone. Yet… I love reading anything you care to post. :)

      • Yeah, I tend to self-censor a lot before I ever get 'round to blogging. I should stop doing that, eh?

        Though the broken record thing — I can relate! Work, write, chase kids, read, work, watch a movie…

  • Isn't it hockey season? Still taking artsy photos? Lusting for a new weapon? Any samples of your voice-acting available? Don't you miss your friends back East?


  • I second the vote for voice acting! And weapons! And, um…. cats? And how you get such damned high scores on Bejeweled Blitz?

    I will ponder for more such mysteries that you can write about :-)

    • Voice acting, cats, and weapons? I can do that.

      I will never share my Bejeweled Blitz secrets.

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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