I celebrated my birthday in two very important, very different ways this year.

1. I stayed up the night before my birthday writing and rewriting the final scenes of my novel until they felt “right.” Then, scarcely able to sleep, I was up early the morning of my birthday formatting and sending out my first-ever agent queries. This is a profound step for me personally, and I couldn’t resist doing it on a milestone day.

2. I played video games. More specifically, I nested in the house, played video games, ate lots of food, cuddled the cats, and generally soaked in the life I’ve spent so many years building. There’s nothing better.

From 2009 Photobook

Me (left) and Chris (right) playing Little Big Planet.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Day”

  1. Awesome! Glad you took time to reach out AND snug in! Happy BDay! (But…wasn't it in August??? Or did I get that wrong?!)

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