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I’ve really missed blogging. I’ve been blogging online since 1998, when I made my first short story sale and we had things called “web rings” and hand-coded all of our entries. (Ah, good times!)

Over the last two years, I’ve really dropped the ball. At first, it was the switch from being an invisible writer (in my eyes) to an agented writer. I felt fearless before, secure in the fact that very few people were reading my journal, and that all of them were friends. Once I got an agent and then a book deal, I worried (unnecessarily) that I needed to be careful about what I said.

Being careful translated to not blogging.

And I miss it! When I’m blogging regularly, especially about personal things or the little but important details of my day, I start paying closer attention to my life in general. A snail on a leaf might make me think about my writing career; a strange sign on the side of the road might make me question my last big decision.

Blogging makes me more thoughtful, and I miss that.

So here I am, making one of those public pronouncements I generally try to avoid ever making. But I’m going to do it. I’m going to blog more. I’m going to talk about the sort of things I used to love talking about, and I’m going to pay closer attention to the world around me because of it.

Which means, of course, that I had to change my website design. Lots of people liked the last one — it was beautiful and elegant, and entirely not me. I’m bold fonts and bright colors, simple lines, what-you-see-is-what-you-get. (Oh, how I miss my WYSIWYG t-shirt!) I’m still working on this new one, but it already feels better. More direct. More me.

Ready, set, go.

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    • Glad you like the colors! I was using a fiery red version of this first, but Chris preferred the blue. Figure I'll use this one while Above World is out, and switch to desert-y red for book 2. Also have a dedicated Above World website in the works, but that's slow going.

      • I've posted some personal entries at my WordPress blog, but nobody really goes there, so I've kept using LJ. You've been mirroring your posts at both your WordPress and your LJ for a while. Are you finding LJ readers coming here instead?

        • My crossposter to LJ broke and I didn't even really notice. But then again, I've hardly been posting much, so maybe that was the reason. But eventually I'd like to see LJ go away, so I'm committed to keeping WP as my main blog. The only reason I was still using LJ was for private posts, and I do those on Google+ now. (Not that anyone reads them there, but hey. It's something.)

          It's all still so messy. I don't think there's a good solution — there's only a decent solution for each individual.

          • I've quit LJ altogether, am using the wordpress as a blog, but it's not personal at all, just authory, and not aimed at my friends.

            Wow, that was all one sentence. Must stop drinking wine now.

            • I’m thinking of just leaving LJ entirely, too. I still read my friends list, but I’m much more engaged on Twitter, G+, and even Facebook. Something has to go!

  • I've been feeling the same way, lately. In any case I'm glad for the chance to stay more in touch with what's going on in your life. Hi!

    • Hi! I'm trying to make commenting easier on this blog, too — so you can use your Facebook or Twitter login and don't have to type anything. I know how much you like the Facebook commenting system. Sadly, my ambition far outstrips my technical skill right now.

      I don't think I know anything about your life right now, except for the few pictures I see see on FB. (And I'm not always great about checking there.) Hopefully we'll get a chance to catch up soon?

      • I'd really like that. I've been wanting to call you for ages — it was even officially written on my todo list for a while! — but it's been so long I didn't know how to begin. I guess just blundering forward as per my usual life method might get it done.

        But I've felt out of touch with nearly everyone for a while. Blogging is really good for crossing that first bridge.

  • Hmm. I was going to try to see if I could comment via FBook login but it already has my gmail/JScape info and I don't see an option to Login Via FBook.

    Anyway, glad we'll be seeing more of you.

    : )

  • It’s funny how long we’ve all been it, Jenn! And you know, to be honest, I’d like for all of these networks (especially older ones) to just go away already or just consolidate and make our lives easier. Even cross-posting or manually posting, life’s too short to keep up on all these things! :-)

    Or we can just go back to HTMLing and Not-A-Webring! ;-)

By Jenn Reese
Jenn Reese Writer, Artist, Geek

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