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ARCs, Catalogs, & QR codes


Things have been happening! Wonderful things!


Advance Reading Copies are a major milestone. I wasn’t sure what to do with my ARCs since I had six and about ten people/places requested them. (Not to mention a whole list of other places I wanted to send them.) First, I panicked. Second, I asked a particularly wise woman to just tell me what to do, and she did. (Thank you, Ello!)

ARCs of my book, Above World

Recommendation: If you’re not sure what to do, get a trusted friend to tell you. You can’t be expected to exhibit strategic thinking in the face of ZOMG ARCS!!!1!


Candlewick’s spring catalog is out, and it includes Above World! There is a particular joy in seeing your book in a catalog for the first time. At this point, given all the evidence, I’m almost positive this whole book thing isn’t just a huge hoax.

QR Codes

Have I mentioned that Candlewick Press is on Google+? Well, they are! That’s how I found this awesome image today (click to enlarge):

(Cheaters and luddites can click here.) If you go to Candlewick’s G+ page, you’ll also find QR codes and first chapters for the rest of their upcoming books. FUN.

What’s Next?

Well, I just got bookmarks yesterday! Awesome bookmarks covered in awesome Above World things. But since I haven’t photographed them yet, they get to be a separate entry. I’m also listening to a potential voice actor for the Above World audiobook (!!!) and… oh, geez. I have about a million emails to write and people to talk to. Life is fun, fast, and frenetic — just how I like it!

This Thanksgiving, I’m incredibly grateful for Candlewick and all the amazing people who work there. They’re making my publishing journey feel magical.

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