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Animator Nina Paley


From Wired, “Solo Animator’s ‘Sita Sings the Blues’ Makes Tribeca Film Festival.” They say:

Nina Paley’s Sita Sings the Blues…tells two parallel stories: the ancient Hindu epic the Ramayana and the breakup of Paley’s 21st-century marriage. It does so through four distinct styles of animation, a “greek chorus” of Indonesian shadow puppets and wildly imaginative musical interludes that use authentic 1920s blues recordings to link narratives 3,000 years apart.

How cool! I can’t believe one person animated this entire film, given the amount of work I’ve seen go into just five minutes of animation at Slangman’s World. Visit Nina Paley’s blog and check out her “Nina’s Adventures” comic, too.

From Wired: sample of Nina Paley's animation.

I wish there were more women in the comic book and animation worlds. Hearing about folks like Nina Paley makes me oh so happy. I’m really looking forward to seeing her film.

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